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For the Customer

Posting a job is easy and free!
Firstly, you must register as a customer.

After that, you can find an option to post a job in the navigation header, on the home page and also in your personal dashboard.

Once you click on ‘Post a job’, a series of slides will open asking you for your information regarding your request. As you fill out each slide this  provides any potential business’ or freelancers the information they need to make an informed quote.

Once posted, sit back and wait for any quotes to come through. You will be notified via email or you can check in your dashboard for any new quote offers.

Sometimes there are reason why we cannot continue with a project. If this happens, don’t worry as we understand.

With Sprooce there is no particular cancelation procedure, however all projects posted have a timeline of 14 days. After 14 days the project will automatically disappear.

By simply not awarding your project to any contractor, after 14 days the project will be considered cancelled.

Posting a job request on the Sprooce platform is free. (unless you choose the ‘Featured Product’ option.)

When receiving quotes,  it’s your choice to wait to receive all 3 quotes before deciding on a winner for your project.

It’s also important to know that only those who post a quote to your job request will be able to message you and likewise you them.

Either way, before choosing a winner, you can message  any of the business’ that have quoted and solidify your confidence that their quote price matches their experience, qualifications, licenses when needed, and of course their attitude!

Understanding your quotes:

The quotes you receive will vary depending on the type of business that responds. Each quote will provide one of the following:

  • Flat Quote with no site inspection request: Each business has to offer a quote price. There is also an option to tell you that the quote may vary if the information they have varies when they actually arrive on site. If this is not checked it means the business is comfortable with the information and you will not be notified of this.
  • Flat Quote with a site inspection request: Some businesses will want the option to let you know that a pre-site visit is necessary or, when they arrive onsite on the agreed date, they may reassess and notify you that the quote has remained as is or varied accordingly. 

If you require any clarification about your quote, please don’t hesitate to call or message the business directly. 

How to choose the winner of your project:

Once you have logged into Sprooce, you personal dashboard will open. Click on the ‘Customer Area‘ and you will see all your ‘Current Projects’, ‘Active Quotes’ and ‘Projects in Progress’. Click on ‘Active Quotes‘ to see your quotes. From here you can either ‘Choose a Winner’ or click on ‘View Projects‘ to see which quotes require a ‘Site Inspection‘. Here you a can also either message the business/freelancer for more information or choose a Winner.

Once you have chosen the winner, they will be notified that they have won the job. Likewise, any business that did not win will be notified via email.

From this point on, the final discussion about your project can take place. The business will clarify what they need and you can ask every question prior to work commencement.
Financial payments can also be discussed at this point as well.

Great! Firstly, let your contractor know.

Please follow these guidelines once you are happy with your job.

  1. Go to your dashboard, click on the active project and mark it completed. If this option is not there, message the contractor to first mark the job as completed on their dashboard.
  2. Discuss with your contractor the agreed payment and how it should be made.
  3. Go to your dashboard, click on ‘Reviews‘. Find your job and write a review for your contractor. Be generous and positive with your recommendations!

When choosing a professional business or freelancer for your project you will have expectations to what the final outcome will look like.

While it can be expected that most of the time your expectations will be exceeded, from time to time there are occasions when they are not. This may be due to poor communication on the project from both sides,  lack of proper tools or simply bad workmanship.

While Sprooce will make every effort to try to resolve a dispute between customer and contractor, ultimately it is up to both parties to find a solution. Sprooce only connects the customer and contractor and take no responsibility or liability according to our terms and conditions for any loss or unfinished work.
Payment should only be made once the job is complete and you are satisfied with the result.

The answer is yes.  It’s up to you the customer to determine if the business is legally qualified. 

When you’re considering who to select for your project it is advisable to do some extra research on the business, including double checking that their licences/qualifications/insurance are all active and up-to-date.

It is illegal for anyone to offer and work in certain services without particular qualifications and a license.
Sprooce works hard to ensure our business/freelance owners are genuine and are quality tradespeople and artists.
Our standard verification process ensures all businesses have a valid ABN before quoting on any jobs on the Sprooce platform.
However, as Sprooce merely connects customers to businesses, it is important that customers do their own research before choosing a business or freelancer.

This can be done in a number of ways.

1. By using our inhouse message system you can contact the business and ask them to either confirm or send you an attachment of their current licenses.

2. Check the reviews they have – are they good or bad?

3. Check their star ratings.

4. Ask them for their phone number and have a conversation with them.

5. Finally, doing additional research through the relevant government agencies is also highly encouraged.
Please see the requirements for different trades services in Queensland. This information will alert you to the relevant certificates and licenses they require to operate.

Queensland Tradies

Please use the following link for all the below tradie license



Gas Fitter





Plasterer & Gyprock

Roofing & Guttering


Public Liability insurance protects a company/business/contractor from the financial risk of being found liable for any negligence or damage or injury caused to a person or property. Professional Indemnity insurance, provides protection against litigation costs for an alleged breach of duty from an error or breach of conduct in a professional service. 

Sprooce does not provide any Insurance to either the customer or the contractor.

It is advisable for the customer to check with the contractor prior to engaging their services whether the y have a current certificate of insurance. This will bring peace of mind should anything go wrong. Of course not all services require insurance. Namely those services that are done offsite like accounting, Web design etc

Yes you can!

As a signed up customer there is two views available:

1. Customer View
2. Business View

To use the business view you will be asked to provide your ABN number and email notifications settings before proceeding.

Payment should only be made once the job is completed and marked as delivered in your dashboard.

Sometimes and for some services the business may require a small percentage deposit.

Payment terms should be worked out between you the customer and the contractor before the project commences.

Reviews and star giving are an important aspect of working with Sprooce for both the customer and the contractor.

It is advisable to be honest but always lean towards a positive side when you are undecided about what review to give. 

Remember that while customers review their project contractors, the contractors also review the customer.

At the bottom of every project is a button where both customer and contractor can report a complaint.

While Sprooce will help and try to resolve any complaint or grievance the outcome of the dispute is always the responsibility of both the customer and the contractor.

A ‘Featured Project‘ is a posted project that has 2 preferences.

  1. It is highlighted so it stands out
  2. It remains at the top of all posted projects.

Why use a ‘Featured Project’?
If your project is urgent and you need a quick response with all 3 quotes a ‘Featured Project‘ is for you.

What does it cost?
‘Featured Projects’ cost $5.00.

How do I make my project  a ‘Featured Project’?
When posting a job, you will find an option to add your post as a ‘Featured Project’.

For the Contractor

Click the ‘Register my Business’ button in the main navigation of the Sprooce Website.

Make sure you have your ABN number ready to go. Fill out all the required form areas including your username, password , email address and ABN number.

We also ask you to add the services you want to provide and the locations you would like to work in.
This will ensure you start getting email notifications whenever a job is posted within these confinements.

Once done, login and you are good to start quoting on jobs.

Yes, you do. Sprooce requires all business’, freelancers and contractors to have a valid ABN number.

Quoting on the Sprooce platform is very simple. Read the full steps from start to finish below:

  1. Firstly, browse the listing of jobs on the Sprooce platform by clicking on ‘Browse Tasks‘. You can then filter the type of service categories you offer and the locations you would like to work in.
  2. You can also go to your dashboard ‘Account Settings‘ area and stipulate which service categories and locations you want notifications for when they are posted.
  3. Click on a Task/Project and carefully read the full requirements of the job including the description and location of the job.
  4. Estimate what the job is worth based on time, cost and the average charge others make for a similar project.
  5. Finally, find the ‘Post a Quote’ button and click it. This will bring up a pop-up showing you the cost to quote fee. Place your proposed quote amount, write a short note to the customer sharing your experience and ability to give you a greater chance of winning the project.
  6. That’s it. The customer will be notified you have made a proposal and your will also receive a notification.
  7. Now, the customers mobile number will be revealed on the project page that only you can see. Call all message the customer to introduce yourself with the aim of forming a relationship and a greater chance of winning the proposal.
  8. The customer will view all three quotes and mark the one they choose as a winner. If that is you you will be notified via email. You can then start communicating with the customer with the finer details to get the job completed.

Your Dashboard is the heart of your Sprooce business.

In your dashboard you can:

1. View and edit your ‘Profile/Account settings’ area.

Here you can add a profile pic, change your basic information, change your password and most importantly, build your business portfolio with images, references, experience and reviews. This is an important area to take time with and complete as any customer looking to choose a winner for their job will look here to see if you are qualified.

2. Search Projects.

3. View your ‘My Quotes’ area

This section shows you your ‘Active Quotes‘, ‘Pending Projects’ and ‘Delivered Projects

4. Message customers

5. View your finances.

Here you can add funds to your own personal ewallet.
This help with quoting so you don’t have to utilise your credit card and Paypal every time you quote. It will also help you keep a way of managing your quoting budgets.

6. Access your workspace area.

The ‘Workspace Area is where progress of the project is posted along with information sharing.

7. Write a review.

Leads fees are priced on the assumed worth of the project.
The higher the expected quote of the job attracts a higher fee.

Your ewallet is like your online bank area for Sprooce. Only you have access to it and you can use your ewallet to pay for fees when quoting.

This process helps you to make quoting easier and helps you budget your quoting from month to month. 

Yes, you can withdraw money from your ewallet should you choose. However, please be aware that you will need to have a Paypal account to withdraw into.

Great news! Now you can message or phone the customer from the project page of your dashboard. Here you can finalise dates, finances and talk through any other factors or ideas. You can also use your ‘Workspace‘ area to communicate and update the customer. 

Sprooce is Brisbane based. Currently we operate only in the Brisbane, Gold coast, Logan, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Moreton Bay, Redlands and Scenic Rim regions.

Go to your dashboard, click ‘Reviews’, find your project and then click, ‘Rate User‘.

Getting a good review helps you get more work. To get good reviews it’s important that you treat the customer with respect, be polite and helpful.

Most importantly ensure your do an impeccable job that you and the customer will be proud of.

Depending on what type of contractor you are, you may need a specific license and qualifications by law.

It is illegal to carry out work without a license in a required license field. It is the contractors responsibility to check if a job request category requires a license as per QBCC in Queensland.

Please use the following link for all the below tradie license



Gas Fitter





Plasterer & Gyprock

Roofing & Guttering


It is a good idea to upload your licence and qualifications to your profile settings area and be ready to submit to a customer if requested.

As per our Terms and Conditions Sprooce takes no responsibility for work done by an unlicensed contractor in a required licensed field.

Sprooce does not provide any Insurance to either the customer or the contractor nor do we require contactors or freelancers to have insurance.

The reason for this is because Sprooce simply connects customers with contractors leaving the responsibility of insurance up to the contractor.

Public Liability insurance protects a company/business/contractor from the financial risk of being found liable for any negligence or damage or injury caused to a person or property. Professional Indemnity insurance, provides protection against litigation costs for an alleged breach of duty from an error or breach of conduct in a professional service.

It is advisable for a contractor to have reasonable insurance prior to engaging services. This will bring peace of mind should anything go wrong.

We also recommend customers to check with the contractor whether they carry insurance prior to engaging their services.

Of course not all services require insurance. Namely those services that are done offsite like accounting, Web design etc.

Sprooce does not provide invoices but does provide a receipt for all payments made. 

You can also check all transactions you have made by going to  – Dashboard – Finances – Transactions.

Yes you can.

If you have signed up as a business you will get two options in your dashboard:

1. Option to quote on projects (Business View)

2. Option to Post projects (Customer view)

There is no cancellation option on Sprooce. However all tasks have a timeline of 14 days. If a customer does not choose a winner for the job within the 14 days timeframe the job is considered cancelled.

If this happens and you have already quoted and paid a fee, not to worry. Contact us via phone or email and let us know the date, post title and contractor name.

Sprooce will confirm the customer has allowed the project to lapse and a refund will be paid into your ewallet. From there, you may either use it for further quotes or withdraw it into a Paypal account.

Like all work carried out in Australia, contractors working for customers under their own ABN number are liable to pay Tax and declare their earnings.

Currently Sprooce does not charge GST so you will not need to declare any GST from Sprooce. 

However, charging GST on your services to the customer will depend on your annual turnover. If your turnover on your ABN number exceeds $75000, your are legally bound to charge GST.

Unfortunately not. Once a quote fee has been paid and submitted it is non-refundable unless the project owner does not choose a winner when the project lapses.